Ann Ward, America's Next Top Model

Ancient Frauds

rosie-huntington-whiteley Most of them are just ordinary people… but thank God there are a couple of exceptions.

Everything around the fashion industry is a lie.  There is not perfect beauty but fake beauty and most of this people need more make up than any ordinary women.   So no woman that requires make up to look beautiful is a real model… she is a fraud.   See the other monstrous frauds here.

no make up Xcellent
This girl is just pretty without makeup… and She is not famous, but she looks way better than Rosie Huntington.

The tradition of makeup comes from demons…  In the Book of Enoch is described that they taught women to paint their face, because… why? they were not beautiful enough?

So Makeup has been around since ancient times. But the whole world embraced this bunch of lies…. sustaining an industry that sells lies and products to keep the lie on everybody.   Shampoo, Make up, perfumes, apparel, fashion clothes. model events…. and some gay who began the Victoria’s Secret achieving ridiculous and exaggerated prices ON ABSURD THINGS that you don’t need.  Like underwear with diamonds that no one is gonna see.   Like that stupid bra.

and yes… Victoria is a man…. that was his secret, but everybody knows that now.


The first super pretty face of that era was Linda Evangelista Linda Evangelista

The First Super Model

Gorgeous… but she was so lazy that one morning received a call from an advertisement agency and she said tell them I won’t get out of bed for less than 10 thousand dollars…

and that’s it!!!   They agreed to pay her.   So she began the Super Model Myth.

Now it’s your Time to be Model

When it refers to normal models, they are just ordinary people who want to be models, because they crave for attention and have a personality disorder named    We are talking about models for advertisement projects.

Don’t You know you can fix those ears? with simple surgery? Don’t be cheap Ann.  (And a man has to tell her that?)

Take a look at Ann Ward, she is weird but if you cover her ears and put her makeup… at least she can look like a normal model… I mean Tyra Bank is uglier …and she is all about ego.  (Annoying ego).