We are looking for more than models,

Ultra Models are born,  not made.

In this ridiculous Industry there are more fakes than you think and more corruption than you would expect!
Drugs and prostitution are common secrets to this business, but the disgusting ring of mind controlled models exploited as whores and they don’t even know it… is pathetic.   This is not Fashion industry is Degradation.
And there are more beautiful people that despice to be model because they are really too much beautiful.   Well they are not enough nowadays !!!
We are looking for more than models,
More than ordinary people
but outstanding persons, male and female, or even gays with aspirations to be models, as long as you are exceptionally beautiful.

We are looking for Ultra Models !!!
The new term that defines the beauty of the 21st  Century,
Ultra Models
anything below that …are just models.


Welcome to Rebel Models!

The World is tired of these lies
These girls can’t be Super Models
They are just too Ordinary
and they are the old faces of the past.

You can’t deny she is the best looking girl without Make-Up…make up a better lie, because she was never a Super Model. She was always sympathetic, but never a super beauty, she is and old face now.
Adriana Lima ugly-2
Seriously Guys, she was just an Ordinary Girl.
Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio, another pretty girl, just ordinary presented as Super Model when she was just a normal cutie person.
Ann, Did you get surgery for those ears? Because you need it like Damn Quick
It is not the freckles… this cutie has no upper lips, outstanding fore head, and you could reduce the nose tip.  She is not a Super Model.
I can’t even begin to describe this one. Rosie your name has more beauty than your face.
Tyra Banks, The biggest Ego without any justification because you could’ve use some surgery for your fore head and nose.

Good Bye to these Fakes!



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